Vaughn, Carrie. Kitty and the Silver Bullet.

NY: Grand Central Publishing, 2008.

I don’t generally do vampire and werewolf novels because most of them are dumb. They’re almost always formulaic, repetitive, and unimaginative, just another helping of gothic romance and ’30s Hollywood script. There are a very few exceptions, like Kim Harrison’s “Rachel Morgan” series, and now this one. Kitty Norville is a nice Denver girl in her early ’20s, and a werewolf. She’s also a disc jockey and the best known public authority (after testifying before a Congressional committee) on lycanthropy.

By the time of this fourth novel, she has managed to escape her battered existence at the hands/paws of Carl, her pack’s alpha, fled to Pueblo, and established a two-person pack of her own. She has also found a few vampires she can trust to be her friends. (Hey, they’re all people.) But now the situation in her city is changing. The Master vampire seems no longer to be able to control his people and has recruited Carl to help him. Rick, a Good Guy vampire (sort of), decides it’s time for a new Master and that Kitty will have to replace Carl in the process. It’s a complicated plot and if you haven’t read the first three volumes you’ll have some trouble figuring out what’s going on because the back-story is kind of thin. Vaughn’s take on the whole undead, shape-shifting thing shows a lot of originality and she does a very good job building the story around the politics of power and control. An above-average series.

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