Lee, Sharon & Steve Miller. Ghost Ship.

NY: Baen Books, 2011.

This is the third book about young Theo Waitley, raised in a scholarly atmosphere on Delgado, then trained as a pilot on Eylot, and now abruptly thrust out into the universe to make her own way.

Theo is an usually gifted pilot, though, so her realization that she’s connected to Clan Korval (whose overriding focus has always been on ships and their pilots) seems almost natural, even pre-destined. Her discovery that her father is the ex-Delm of Korval and that the present Delm is her half-brother, however, requires some major adjustments in her worldview. Korval, though immensely powerful, is dangerous to know, as even the clan’s own members will admit. And then there’s the whole issue of Bechimo, the Old Tech ship of the title, a self-aware AI with its own agenda and its own ideas of how its pilot — Theo — ought to behave. This volume takes the reader deeper into the Liad-dominated universe that Lee and Miller’s readers will already be familiar with, so it definitely isn’t the place to introduce one to the whole series. But it’s a first-rate narrative arc all its own.


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