Tantimedh, Adi & Hugo Petrus. La Muse.

Round Rock, TX: Big Head Press, 2008.

This is one of the best graphic novels I’ve come across in awhile. In fact, I’d definitely call it a romp, at least for liberals. (The right-wingers and the fundies are probably demanding the authors be investigated for subversion.)

The set-up is simple: Susan La Muse, an attractive redhead in her early twenties, can do practically anything — fly, stop bullets, read minds, make it rain, step outside of time, heal the wounded and even replace their missing limbs, you name it. This is because, no matter how lusciously human she appears, mentally, she’s an alien, a member of a race thousands of universes old. More than that, she’s a dedicated activist whose priority is to save the world from itself and stop the forces of repressive regressivism dead in their tracks. She’s also flamboyantly bisexual and enjoys all the perks of modern celebrity. And she has an entirely human-normal sister named Libby who works as a PR agent in Hollywood, and who functions as Susan’s “witness,” just to keep her honest. Since the setting is the closing days of the Bush administration, her targets are easy to find. But they’re out to eliminate her, too, and they’ll employ any amount of dishonesty and violence against innocent bystanders to accomplish it. (What can you expect? These are neocons, after all.) As the story progresses, though, and Mom and Dad come calling, Susan will discover she isn’t going to get everything her own way. The authors obviously had a lot of fun with this one and, if your politics bend the right way, you should enjoy it.


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