Ellis, Warren. Global Frequency.

NY: DC Comics, 2013.

“You’re on the global frequency.” That’s what a thousand and one specialists in science, psychology, criminology, diplomatics, and mayhem are likely to hear when Aleph, the central controller, calls them on their special sat-phones. Global Frequency is a semi-covert international rescue organization founded by the ubiquitous Miranda Zero as a means to try to save the world from itself.

The crises they show up for include the occasional terrorist action but are more likely to involve speculative science and more or less “normal” world-threatening problems. No superheroes or supervillains here — the Bad Guys are plenty bad just as ordinary humans. And any kind of high tech you can think up, they’ve got it. Each of the original twelve issues of the magazine had a different artist, which I always find a bit jarring (though most of them are pretty good, especially Jason Pearson), but the writing is all by Ellis, and he’s always terrific. Regarding one of the organization’s more terrifying interrogators: “Did you ever have a nightmare about a large man who killed your parents, and your siblings, and then your lover, and then everyone you know? And then burned your house down and destroyed everything precious you ever conceived of? That was me.” Wow. Very smart stuff.

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