Martin, George R. R. Skin Trade.

Rantoul, IL: Avatar Press, 2014.

George has been taking a little time off, apparently, from the seemingly endless “Song of Fire and Ice” series to produce some much shorter and very different works. And while I don’t ordinarily care for werewolf novels, this graphic adaptation by Daniel Abraham and Mike Wolfer isn’t bad.

Willie Flambeaux is a repo man specializing in consumer goods, who tries to ameliorate his job by giving people good advice about cutting up their credit cards and not being too much of a bastard. He’s made friends that way, one of whom is Randi, once a small town cop and now a private investigator, and that’s who he goes to when another of his acquaintances, a young woman in a wheel chair, is not only killed but mangled, apparently by some kind of animal. As it happens, Randi’s father, also a cop, died in similar circumstances, and the guy who went to prison for it is now out, so she’s on the case. Turns out the town is a hot bed of secret goings-on with “skin-changers,” though, and nothing is as it seems.

Avatar tends to specialize in darker graphic fiction, especially creator-owned work (as opposed to DC and Marvel Comics stuff) and they don’t require content restrictions. Which is to say, this stuff isn’t for kids. But the story is much better than average and the artwork is pretty high-quality.

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