Lovesey, Peter. The Headhunters.

NY: Soho Press, 2008.

This is the second in a spinoff series from the adventures of Detective Superintendent Peter Diamond, in this case featuring DCI “Hen” Mallin of Chichester. The Diamond stories are told entirely from his own POV but these are different, with multiple narrative points of view.

Gemma is the personal assistant to the head of a local job-printing company and she has come to loathe her boss, who seems to be having a affair with a woman from accounting, the latter being after Gemma’s own job. She and Jo, her buddy from yoga class, who works in a gardening center, start joking over their beer about killing off the boss and the current boyfriend chimes in with practical advice, and then they forget about it. But a week later, Jo finds a woman drowned on the beach and that’s where Mallin comes into the story. But it’s only the first of several drowning deaths, all of which seem to involve Jo and Gemma and Jake, the large, painfully shy young environmentalist in whom Jo has become interested. Mallin is thinking serial killings and the small group of friends is soon being raked over the coals.

Early on, when I was trying to guess whodunit from the clues offered (and keeping in mind that Lovesey plays fair by not introducing new suspects in the next-to-last chapter), I dismissed the actual killer. Caught me there. It’s a pretty good story with well-done characters, though I don’t resonate with Hen Mallin the way I have come to do with Diamond. Not a bad way to spend a rainy weekend, though.

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