Battles, Bret. Destroyer.

Seattle: 47North, 2016.

This sequel to Rewinder picks up a few months after Denny Younger, “personal historian” and time traveler from an alternate version of our world, made an inadvertent minor change in his own world’s history that had vast repercussive consequences for the future.

He’s living with Iffy, the girl he met in the first book and who took his story seriously. And he has managed to rescue his older sister (except she’s now younger than he is) who had died of cancer in their world, but who is successful receiving for it in our world. But then Lidia, a time traveler like himself, and who was also sucked into this alternate world, begins making trouble. She’s so upset at the loss of her own world (in which she belonged to a much higher social caste than Denny and so had far more to lose), she decides to destroy the future entirely by making key changes in the “new” past. And Denny has to stop her, if only to save himself and the people he cares about.

Battles had previously written a number of thrillers and spy stories, none of which I’ve read, but I do read a lot of time travel yarns, and he’s done an excellent job, not only with his clear understanding of the nature of cause and effect but with original details that make this an exciting story. In fact my only complaint is that it ends with a classic cliffhanger and the third volume isn’t out yet!


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