Storm, Matthew. Interesting People.

np: Cranberry Lane Press, 2015.

This final volume of the “Interesting Times” trilogy is definitely a rouser. At the end of the previous installment, Sally Rain, who caused most of the trouble (but with the best of intentions), had been exiled to The Island indefinitely by the ancient little girl Artemis,

who runs the somewhat indescribable Araneae Group, and Oliver Jones, her newest recruit, is still pissed off at his boss six months later. He wasn’t even sure he exactly liked Sally, who could be a handful (as well as almost excessively lethal), but, being an empathic and forgiving type, he thinks she got a raw deal. It’s an odd group, anyway. Sally, of course, came from an alternate Earth, while Oliver’s best friend, Tyler, is a werewolf and ex-cop with a never-ending appetite for Mexican food. Their tech specialist, Seven, is also not entirely human, and that’s not even to mention Jeffrey, Oliver’s talking cat. (Very intelligent but still a cat.)

Now it’s Artemis’s turn to be the focus of events. In addition to The Island, Artemis also controls the Nether World, where persons and creatures far more dangerous than Sally are stashed away, including Armitage, who was a member of the team centuries ago but became too powerful and self-absorbed to be allowed to remain on the loose. Now, for various reasons, Armitage is presented with the possibility of escape back into our world. And once here, he plans to absorb Artemis’s power, making him effectively immortal. And he doesn’t much care what happens to anyone who gets in his way. Will Oliver find a way to save his boss? Can he prevail on Sally to give up her grievances and come and help? Will Jeffrey continue to get the best lines? All three of these books are a fast read and a great deal of fun. You can even treat them all as a single long novel.


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