Fialkov, Joshua Hale & Joe Infurnari. The Bunker, Vol. 1.

Portland, OR: Oni Press, 2014.

Imagine five friends just graduated from college who decide to put together a time capsule to commemorate their friendship before they separate to pursue their careers. And imagine that, when they start digging the hole to bury it, they discover a concealed underground bunker that holds letters addressed to four of them written by their future selves.

It appears one of the guys will become president, having first come to public attention during a terrorist attack on San Francisco, the news coverage of which he manipulates shamelessly. Various members of the little group will cheat on each other. One of the girls will get revenge on the uncle who abused her as a child and ruined her life. And another of them will be responsible for developing a biological agent that will get loose and kill billions. This being only the first volume in a series, we don’t yet know all the details of the disaster, nor whether the fifth member of the group (the only one who received no letter) will be successful in his own violent later plans. The art is dark and subdued in a rough-realist style that exactly suits the story that unreels. This is one of the most original graphic novels I’ve come across in awhile, and I’ll definitely be searching out the subsequent episodes.


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