Grossman, Lev. The Magician’s Land.

NY: Viking, 2014.

This is the concluding volume of a very above-average — and very adult — fantasy trilogy about the other world of magic that coexists with our mundane Earth, and it’s a very satisfying read. Volume Two told the story of Quentin Coldwater post-Brakebills, and this one is about his less happy life post-Filory. Because he’s been exiled from the only place he ever really wanted to be, and the future is looking pretty grim.

He has to find work, so he ends up on the faculty back at Brakebills, where he meets young Plum, the great-granddaughter of one of the Chatwins and (she incorrectly assumes) the last survivor of that family. Nor does she realize that Filory is a real place. But when Quentin rediscovers Alice in her blue existence as a niffin, he knows he has a new purpose, a new quest — to somehow rescue her and bring her back to the human world. But then, naturally, everything goes wrong, and he’s job-hunting again, this time as part of a peculiar criminal enterprise, and so is Plum. A quest is a quest, though, and this one is going to take him places he never expected to go. And meanwhile, back in Filory, High King Eliot is appalled to be told that his world is ending. Filory is dying. So he and his co-monarchs have their own quest, to save their land. And he really wishes he had Quentin’s help with that.

The author continues with his high-octane prose style, spinning images and action scenes that will hold your attention to the end. I’ve seen complaints from reviewers, by the way, that Grossman depends too much on coincidence in tying up all the disparate loose ends — but they’ve missed the point. It’s nor coincidence: It’s MAGIC. I’m going to be recommending this trilogy to people for years to come.

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