Bujold, Lois McMaster. Mirror Dance.

NY: Baen Books, 1994.

It’s sort of amazing just how much Bujold can cram into a single novel. This one has amnesia, torture, applied psychology, a military raid from space, mistaken identities, several kidnappings, slavery, brain transplants, medical crises, the death of a hero, an appallingly free market with no government interference, a whole battalion of clones, and a monster soldier (and a hell of a girl, too).


Bujold, Lois McMaster. Brothers in Arms.

NY: Baen Books, 1989.

By internal sequence, this is the sixth volume (but the second or third one actually written) in the adventures of Miles Vorkosigan, now in his mid-twenties, and both a lieutenant in the Barrayaran military (in Imperial Security, actually) and “Admiral Naismith” commanding the 5,000-man Dendarii mercenaries. And if none of this means anything to you, stop right there and go and read from the beginning of the series, because if you start here, you’ll have no idea what’s going on.


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