Chaffee, Graham. Good Dog.

Seattle: Fantagraphics, 2013.

This a nicely laid-back graphic novel, a good way to relax for an afternoon. Ivan is just a nondescript yellow dog, not that old, not that bright, a stray all his life, and mostly just wishing he had a human to tell him what to do. His strange dreams drive him crazy, and so do those stupid chickens.


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Russell, Alan. Burning Man.

Las Vegas: Thomas & Mercer, 2012.0

Russell is the author of a large number of thrillers of one sort or another but I confess he’s new to me. Michael Gideon is a Los Angeles K9 cop who, with his German shepherd partner, Sirius, tracks a serial killer through a canyon firestorm and captures him, but is badly burned in the process. And that’s just the prologue.


Crais, Robert. Suspect.

NY: Purnam, 2013.

This is an unusual sort of police procedural because one of the two main characters isn’t even human. Scott James is an ordinary patrol officer in the LAPD, except that he’s about to make the jump to Metro, en route to his goal of joining SWAT. He and his partner, Stephanie, are in their car off their usual beat when they stumble into a hijacking and multiple murder; Stephanie is killed and Scott takes three bullets.