Stone, Juliana. Boys Like You.

Naperville, IL: Sourcebooks, 2014.

Stone has published a few earlier novels of the adult romance variety but this appears to be her first attempt at a YA story, and it’s not bad. In fact, its frequent emotional intensity will undoubtedly appeal to many younger readers. Monroe Blackwell is a sixteen-year-old New York girl, but she has Louisiana roots on her father’s side, and she’s spending the summer on the plantation her grandmother owns, now converted to a B&B. She was at least partly to blame in the recent death of someone very close to her (we don’t find out who that was for some time) and she’s having a very hard time dealing with the guilt.



Gores, Joe. Dead Man.

NY: Mysterious Press, 1993.

I got hooked years ago on Gores’s DKA novels, about a firm of San Francisco skip-tracers and repo men. He’s pretty much quit writing those — possibly because almost anyone these days with access to the Internet can do skip-trace. This one is about Eddie Dain, a tall, skinny Cal Tech grad and computer genius (by 1993 standards) who, for some unexplained reason, goes into private investigation instead of heading for Silicon Valley. (more…)

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