Rothfuss, Patrick. The Name of the Wind.

NY: DAW, 2007.

I’ve been hearing good things about this author’s first fantasy novel, the first third of a trilogy, but I was delaying until the whole thing had been published so I wouldn’t have to wait between volumes to see what happens next. But the third volume has been very slow to appear, so I finally gave up and jumped in, and I’m glad I did. It’s an amazing book for any author, but even more so for a first book.



Bebbington, Gillian. Street Names of London.

London: Trafalgar Square Publishing, 1989.

Anyone who has spend much time in London — including most of its residents who venture from their own neighborhoods — owns a well-thumbed A-to-Z. The city’s streets, most of which developed organically over centuries, seldom run very far in a straight line and there’s no overarching numbering or naming system, so it’s easy for even a New Yorker to get lost. But this marvelous book will take you a step or two farther.


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