Rankin, Ian. Standing in Another Man’s Grave.

NY: Little, Brown, 2012.

DI John Rebus of Lothian and Borders police has been a copper for thirty-odd years — he’s the longest-serving member of the CID — but sixty is the mandatory retirement age and Rebus is now an ex-cop. Fortunately, the cold case review unit has a spot for him, so he takes what he can get. So one day he takes a call from a woman down south whose daughter disappeared eight years before, and who has never given up hope that the girl might still be alive. (You know where this is going, right?)



Leonard, Elmore. Glitz.

NY: Arbor House, 1985.

Vincent Mora is a Miami Beach police lieutenant currently on medical leave (he got shot in the hip by a would-be mugger who died in the ambulance) and he’s doing it in San Juan, Puerto Rico — living cheap, lounging on the beach, and chatting with a particularly pretty young semi-hooker. Unfortunately, Teddy Magyk knows he’s there, too.


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Grafton, Sue. V Is for Vengeance.

NY: Putnam, 2011.

The first book in this bestselling series about the cases and adventures of California private detective Kinsey Millhone was A Is for Alibi, published in 1982, which was the protagonist’s “real time.” Now, twenty-nine years later, it’s only 1986 in Kinsey’s world. Grafton has said that her decision not to have her heroine age at the same rate as the author (and her readers) was largely to avoid the complications of personal computers, cell phones, AIDS, terrorism, and all the other major changes in how we do things.


Billingham, Mark. The Burning Girl.

NY: Morrow, 2004.

This is the fourth novel featuring homicide specialist Tom Thorne of London’s Metropolitan Police Service (no longer a “Force” to his immense irritation), and it’s rather different from the ones that came before it, which focused on serial killers, acting alone — or, in one case, as a pair. This time the subject is organized crime, operating in a side of the city the American tourists never see. Years before, Alison Kelly, the fourteen-year-old daughter of an Irish crime boss, was targeted for assassination by being doused with lighter fluid and set alight. The hit man, however, got the wrong girl and the target’s best friend was terribly disfigured and later committed suicide.


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Connelly, Michael. Trunk Music.

Boston: Little, Boston, 1997.

After the two previous books in this series about LAPD homicide detective Harry Bosch, which were largely about Bosch himself and how he learns to deal with his past, this one is much more of a straight murder mystery procedural. It begins with Harry and his two partners opening the investigation on a sleezeball straight-to-video movie producer who is found shot in the trunk of his Rolls Royce in a clearing overlooking the Hollywood Bowl. (more…)

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