Bowen, Rhys. The Twelve Clues of Christmas.

NY: Berkeley, 2012.

This is the sixth entry in the “Royal Spyness” mystery series featuring Lady Georgiana Rannoch and set in Britain in the early 1930s. Georgie is 34th in line to the throne — well, 35th, now that her brother the duke has had another son — but she’s also completely without funds. What her father, the late previous duke, didn’t waste gambling went for death duties, so Georgie frequently finds herself casting about for ways to earn a living. Not easy when you’re part of the upper aristocracy, actually. She can hardly work as a shop girl. But she manages — usually. Now the Christmas season of 1933 is fast approaching and she’s looking for some way to escape Castle Rannoch.



Barry, Michael Thomas. Great Britain’s Royal Tombs: A Guide to the Lives and Burial Places of British Monarchs.

Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing, 2012.

I have a longstanding interest in the history of the royal and aristocratic families of Europe (even though I don’t actually approve of them), so when a new book appears on the subject, I generally seek it out. Barry is a criminal justice graduate who, besides crime writing, seems to have made the history of cemeteries and who is buried in them a hobby. (Doesn’t seem strange at all to me.)


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Bowen, Rhys. Royal Flush.

NY: Berkeley, 2009.

As Bowen’s fans know by now, Lady Georgiana of Glen Garry and Ranoch, half-sister of the Duke of Ranoch, is trying to live in the family’s London townhouse on beans, tea, and toast. She’s a granddaughter of Victoria and 34th in the line of succession, but she’s still basically penniless.