Feintuch, David. Challenger’s Hope.

NY: Warner Aspect, 1995.

This is the second volume of the “Seafort Saga,” featuring young Commander Nick Seafort of the UN Naval Service in the late 22nd century, and it’s natural to compare it with the first volume, in which an eighteen-year-old midshipmen suddenly finds himself in command of — and responsible for — a passenger-carrying warship. Nick triumphed over a long list of a wide variety of adversities on that first voyage, even while developing a pretty low opinion of his own abilities.



Bear, Greg. War Dogs.

NY: Orbit Books, 2014.

This author is best known for Blood Music, which brought nanotech into science fiction, and for other hard-science stories like Darwin’s Radio and Moving Mars. Compared to those — and especially given the cover art — you might think this is military SF of the David Drake school. But that turns out to be a superficial judgment.